Allora Community Auction

The Allora Show Society holds the Allora Community Auction starting at 8:00 am on Monday, 9th June 2014 - Queen's Birthday Holiday. All profits made, go back into the local community and other nominated charities.  

2014 Auction Sale - Monday, 9 June 2014 - starting at 8:00 am

* Wide range of antiques including carbide lights, watches and clocks, furniture, monkey tail pump, German wagon and much more.
* General furniture
* Bric-a-brac
* Tools
* Fencing and building materials
* Workshop equipment
* Ag machinery including a twin row Underhong potato planter.

Around 2000 lots, don't miss out.

Items to be booked must be phoned in to Shirley -  mobile: 0427 100 210 from 1 May 2014 until lots are full (generally 10 days).

Vendors bring items to the showgrounds between:  8:00 am - 5:00 pm Saturday, 7th June 2014 and 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Sunday, 8th June 2014.


Allora Markets at the Auction

Monday, 9 June 2014


Disclaimer: Allora Show Society Inc. will not be held accountable for any listed items that the vendor may not present at the auction.



Diesel Transfer Pump.

Carbide Lights.

3PL Tractor Bars.

Fox Traps.

Cow Bells.

Racoon Traps.

Wheel Barrows.

Cedar Drinks Cabinet.

Monkey Tail Pump.

Various old Tools.

Bank Scales.

French Kitchen Scales.

Chests of Drawers.

 German Wagon.

Twin Row Underhog Potato Planter.

Metal Sheet Folder.

6 x 4 Trailer.

Cement Mixer.

200 Litre Compost Bin.

Brickies Trestles.


Picture Frames.

Curtier Books Collectables.

Mobile Chicken Coup.

Box Trailer.

Irrigation Mains.

Combustion Stove Parts.

Wood Heaters.

Steel Gates.

Cast Iron Beds.

Horse Books.

Box of 78 Records.

Victorian Water Filter.

Fob Watches.


Turned Leg Table.

Push Bikes.

Meat Safe.

Marble Top Occasional Table.

Wash Stand (New Farm).

Trophy Cup.